Thursday, January 16, 2014

NOKIA Phone Not Connecting to Computer FIXED MS Problem Fixed

Yes you will not believe that MS is a complete Joke and the secret fix to connecting you nokia phone to your computer. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO USE THE USB CORD SUPPLIED.  You cannot just use any USB cord to plug your Windows Nokia Phone into your computer. 

 1. Remove the back cover from your phone.
 2. Plug your phone into the computer via usb.
 3. Turn the computer on and make sure your phone is on as well.
 4. remove the battery from the phone - do not disconnect from the computer.
 5. Wait for 25 seconds and then put the battery back in.
 6. Go to the start button and click on 'Computer'
 7. Your phone is listed right next to the 'C' drive and should say 'Nokia'  



  1. Remember "Nintendo" when the games didnt work ? What did you do to the game to make it work ? Who remembers this ? Whats the answer ?

  2. you had to blow on them and stick it back in. lol